Saturday, November 29, 2008

Phone CALL

Yesterday I talked on the telephone to my Aunt Kitty.  I said, " Hi Kitty!" 
She understood what I said!

Then I wanted to see if  I could understand her.

Kitty said, "Hi Amanda!" And I UNDERSTOOD HER!!!!!!!!!

Love, Amanda


Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Amanda, You look so sad like you're in jail! Did you do something really really bad?!


Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

that's soooo awesome amanda that you have manage to give it ago and call your aunty. I'm so please for ya, keep it up.

Oh by the way, have you been a naughty girl that your brother has locked you up behind the cage for winding him up?


Laura's medical journey said...

aw how great for u amanda! :D i bet u loved the phone call!

by the way I LOVE your jeans in ur main blog pic! xx

Charlotte said...

whay hey hoo!! thats fantastic Amanda!!! I am so pleased for you. I tried phoning my mum on her birthday last week but chickened out! Maybe next year! You are braver than me.

Amanda have you been a bad girl???

C xx

Abbie said...


You are a rock star! :)

Debbie/Steve said...

Hi Amanda:

All I can say "WOW" you are now talking on the phone. You are making an quite accomplishment thus this far. Keep us the good work and high "5" to you.

Janet said...

Amanda, It's wonderful that you could talk to your Aunt on the phone! Very exciting. Lots more hearing sounds in your future!

Deb said...

Amanda, Very nice and thanks for sharing that!! I remember how excited I was to talk on the phone after getting my CI too! The more you wear it the more you will start to pick up and I know we will be hearing more exciting things from you! Deb in Carlsbad

Shari said...

Alright!! You go, girl!! That's so exciting to understand on the phone. :) I am happy for you.

Joseph said...

Ya I put my sister Amanda in Jail LOL : )

amandakristineconde said...

No!!! I was not in jail!!!!! And I am not evil! I am an angel!!! We were at the zoo. We went into the turning gate. Then I yelled help me!!!! And Jennifer looked around and said what happened!!!!! I said I am stuck!!!

My first time I taking on the phone was exciting! Everyone was happy!!!!!!!

I just read what Joseph said.

He made it up and he is wrong!!!!!!! >:) That is a devil!!!!!!!!

Julie Layne said...

Haha, big brothers ...

That's really cool about the phone call!