Saturday, May 30, 2009

Universal Studios Los Angeles

June 1, 2009 the 8th graders from the deaf school will go to Universal Studios for our end of the year trip. We will have fun at Universal. I am excited about riding Revenge of the Mummy and Jurassic Park. I never rode them before. I will be Scared!!!!!!!! I will Scream!!!!!!!!

A few of my classmates can't go because they got in trouble. So they have to stay in school. I plan to take pictures. I hope they come out good. I got these two pictures from the internet. 

Love, Amanda Conde


Charlotte said...

Hey amanda, I went there in 2000, and had brilliant time, i am sure you would love it. I remember the jurassic park, jaws and Back draft. It was scary... I think Mummy would be even scarier! Have wonderful time and look forward to hear all about it and to see the pictures.

Charlotte x

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

I hope your throat doesn't get too scratchy from SCREEEEAAAAMMMMMing!

amandakristineconde said...

i hate jaws!!!!!!! :-)