Monday, September 1, 2008

Deaf Girl's Video

Welcome to my video about me and what I can hear now. Enjoy the video. :-)


Katie-Louise's Cochlear Implant Blog said...

Hey Amanda,

Brilliant video, eh!

Your doing great - I love all your storys. It great to know someone that signs too and of course has a cochlear implant :D

us BIONIC girls are great!

keep it up!

katie-louise x

Charlotte said...

Thats so cool, well done you, I hate the plastic crinkling... do you like plastic crinkling??? I guess it's good to hear it but it's so loud and annoying! Lol. How's school life??

I am off for another map tomorrow as my processor is getting quieter.

Keep it up Amanda, ;-)

C xx

Jennifer Bruno Conde said...

Hi Amanda!

Let me know if you want to make more videos. You know where to find me. 8-D


Anonymous said...

SO cool -- you are hearing so well, Amanda! That is amazing and I am really happy for you. :)

~ Wendi

Laura's medical journey said...

well done! You will start hearing more and more! Hope you enjoy your implant journey! xxx

Janet said...

I loved the video and you are doing wonderful hearing the different sounds. Awesome!

amandakristineconde said...

Hi everyone!!

I'm happy you like my video.

I'm learning a lot in school.

I hate plastic crinkling

Love, Deaf Girl

Debbie/Steve said...

Hi Amanda:

I have truly enjoyed watching your video. You really inspries me and you're such a strong trooper. Have you heard the birds chirpping yet? It always put a smile on my face.


Abbie said...

You did an amazing job Amanda with your video and you have come such a long way from a couple weeks ago. I'm so proud of you :)

I have to ask how, does the crinkling plastic bother you? It sure bothered me! It was like getting an ice cream headache over and over! I got used to it now but in the beginning, whew it was rough :)

Lisa said...

Amanda, I love your haircut. You're doing so well with your implant and the computer. I have my ci surgery next week, so I'm watching you and how it goes for you ahead of me. take care.

Sheila said...

Amanda, I'm happy you now have your own blog. I'm REALLY happy that you are hearing sounds!!

I had a dog for 15 years. I still miss her a lot. When I got my CI, I was surprised that her toenails made noise on the kitchen floor. Does Goldy's?

amandakristineconde said...


I don't hear birds yet I hope soon.


I had a new mapping today and I don't hear crinkling plastic now!


When is your surgery?


Sorry about your dog. I can't hear Goldy's toenails yet.

Deaf Girl and good night. ♡ ❤ ☺

Jennifer said...

Amanda, I just loved your video! You're doing so well! Don't worry about losing some sounds at your new will get them back. Your brain is still trying to sort everything out!
I am so proud of you! :)

Olivia Hernandez said...

Amanda I love your blog! The video is so neat! I love being able to read the subtitles and watch you sign at the same time, you and Jennifer are really helping me learn to sign!